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June 24, 2010
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B-Database: Saik by InvaderSaik B-Database: Saik by InvaderSaik
*finally* Got this done C: haven't updated Saik's ref since the start of Blood-Sport, so I thought I'd do it againm, and do it better this time C:

As with the B-Database entries standard though- this took a looong time. *dies at the prospect of having to get Callous's done before July*

Continuing on though: Info!

Name: Saik

Appearance: An irken of shorter height, with pale green skin. Her antennae are connected at the back of her head, and are supported at the base by two mechanical attachments, the antenna themselves being heavy, about mid-thigh length, with an M shaped zigzag in them at shoulder level, and two bulbous, raccoon-tail hooks at the ends. She is physically unattractive. Her face, often creased around the eye, is harsh and sharp. Her right eye has been replaced by a mechanical lens of a green tint, with two blue wires connecting to the side of the head, and three nodes beneath to hold the inner in place. She wears a dark pink tunic, with a loose turtleneck collar. The sleeves connect directly to the sides, and the tunic opens in a V at the bottom, about knee length. Her PAK is modified, and from it sprouts three wires, two thinner that travel around and into her abdomen through an opening in the tunic, and the third is thicker, and connects from the top of her PAK to the base of her skull. Wears standard irken gloves, though her left hand is mechanical from the wrist down. Two blue tubes show where it connects at the wrist, and another green dial is on the top of the hand, with one small node on the thumb side. Black pants of normal irken attire, and boots that almost reach her knees. The right has two metal bands with clasps that wrap all the way around, the left has only clasps. Her teeth are pinker than the average irkens.

Age: Approx 172 years old.
Height: 145cm
Weight: 43kgs

Story: Saik was born as a regular smeet with defective antenna. This defect was one of the reasons why during her childhood Saik was often abused by the irken who was looking after her. She grew up to become a slightly better-than-average soldier, and served under Thymel, who was back then, a Commander. Thymel managed to get her to believe in her self-worth, something that was taken from her by her previous mentor. After several years in the army, Saik was badly injured while fighting an uprising on planet Vort, taking life-threatening injuries from laser-fire, and losing her right eye and left hand, as well as damaging her respiratory system almost beyond repair. Though patched up in a field hospital, the nerves in her arm were damaged, and they could not perfectly replace her hand, meaning her times in the military should have been over because of her sudden inability to fire a gun (Left being her dominant hand at the time.) The pain she experienced at this time caused severe trauma to her already fragile mental state.
Saik was almost cast out by the military, but was saved by Thymel, who told her of a way to remain with the place that had treated her like she was worth something. Saik took to herself and modified her PAK so that she no longer needed to rely on the extra machines that were keeping her alive, aswell as replacing her own eye with a mechanical construct, but at this stage, her emotions were fragmented, and she could no longer make much sense of what she was doing anymore, only her desperation to remain in the Military keeping her going. Once she reported back, she was placed under special ops control. They used Saik for a time, to do missions that they would not send ordinary irken on, that only an irken who no longer seemed to fear could carry out, an irken who they did not view as equal. But, after a final mission, something in Saik’s brain snapped back into place, and she realised what she was doing and how she was being treated. After refusing to continue in the mission, going into an insane rage and killing most of her superiors, Saik was thrown out of the empire.
Confused, heinously disfigured and highly depressed, Saik was on her own. Soon she began to lose control of her emotions completely, so that they were stripped down to five bare minimum stages, reflecting times of Saik’s past. She continued to wander the galaxy, remembering the Commander who saved her life on Vort, and the great injustice the military had done to her. More than anything though, was a great thirst to prove herself to those who used her, then tossed her aside, like a worthless piece of trash. Her survival instinct kept her alive for many years, and her yearning to prove herself to the almighty Tallest kept her on track, despite the fact that she was by this stage, completely insane.
After hearing of the “Blood-Sport”, Saik got the idea in her head that the Tallest might start treating her as something of worth if she completed the tournament and won (and thus, the rest of the empire would have to respect her). Too confident of her own abilities, and too naive to realise what danger she was putting herself in, Saik was defeated early, and died in the mountainous area of the Blood-Sport planet, her wishes for worthiness unfulfilled.

Personality: Saik’s personality is almost completely created by her five key emotional states, these being:
-Neutral: A facade of superiority that keeps Saik on a seemingly sane level, in which she is less likely to lose control. Dead serious, and seemingly cold and harsh to those around her.
-Child: A stage in which Saik returns to memories of her childhood abuse. In this stage, Saik is extremely defensive, and is scared of other people. She will scream or run away, or cry and curl into a ball, mumbling things like “Don’t touch me”, “Please stop”, “It hurts” etc. This stage is normally activated in instances of pain or trauma. This stage will often follow the “rage” stage.
-Eccentric: In this stage, representing the positives of Saik’s emotions, she becomes crazy and childish, often laughing or crooning in a higher voice. This stage is very unstable, and often will switch to and from Serious stage very quickly.
-Anger: Often fearsome. Sometimes it will be about superficial things, but will very often be directed at people who have offended her by doing things such as treating her as inferior, staring at/touching her cybernetic parts, or calling her names/titles like “Murderer” and “freak”. Saik is very likely to kill more often when in this stage.
-Rage: Normally only brought on by the mention of the irken military. In this stage Saik becomes quiet and dangerous, slaughtering without discrimination or mercy. After this stage is a brief “intermission”, before she reverts back to child stage.
Often before a mental state change she may curl up, hold her head or grow silent and still, before emerging with a completely different emotion.
The drive behind Saik is her will to survive and to prove herself. To this end she will kill, steal, and lie to continue on her journey.
When killing, Saik will often tear out a victim’s right eye, as a symbolic comparison to the one she herself lost. Her mood determines the way in which she will kill a victim- In Rage, it will be sudden and swift, and Anger, it will be done to overkill standards, and in Eccentric, it will be long, slow and painful. In Neutral mode she is efficient, but normally will try to get a point across while fighting.
In child mode, Saik will not kill intentionally.

Strengths: Saik had less pity on others than an average irken, and therefore fights with little held back, using the extent of her abilities on any opponent. She was military trained, meaning she has good combat skills, knowledge of weapons and training to survive in changing environments and advanced situations. Her smaller size means she can make advantages of small openings, and she is very agile, so is good at accessing open points in an opponent’s guard if she is paying attention to what she is doing. Saik’s mechanical eye has far better than average night vision and can zoom in up to 10x normal view, and because her respiratory system is controlled by mechanical functions areas with thinner air like those of high altitude will not affect her breathing as much as would normally. Saik’s mechanical hand has no pain receptors, and can be removed to a certain extent that it dangles on the wires it is attached to (despite no longer having muscle control function), so in the most extreme of circumstances this may be used as a ranged weapon of a makeshift grappling hook. Saik also has a modified crushing claw inside her PAK, which armours her right arm and enhances its strength and grip factors by a large amount, as well as the standard other functions used by most irkens.

Weaknesses: Aside from Saik’s mental defects, she also has many physical weaknesses. Her main one is that she is simply, a rather small and thin irken- as such, she is lacking in the normal physical strength factor and without her cybernetic upgrade, she is rather weak and is easily overpowered. The second problem is her inability to fire a gun accurately. Because she was previously left-handed, she could only have fired accurately with that hand, but because that hand was replaced, she no longer has the precision to fire one as accurately as an irken soldier. Another problem is her breathing system- if this is switched off, she only has three minutes of held breath to reconnect it again, before she faints and eventually dies of suffocation. If she is wounded and bleeding, then this system will also keep her breathing at an average rate, so it takes time for a torso wound to heal properly because her lungs do not compensate. Any direct hits to her gut will severely wind her, and she takes time to recover properly. The lens of her cybernetic eye has a green tint, so with that eye she has trouble picking up other green objects, like irken blood. In addition, if struck it will go static for a few seconds, which distorts her vision. Her antennae are very heavy, so she has to have those cybernetic attachments at the base to keep them from overbalancing her, and she can’t flip them forward over her head. She also has all the regular irken weaknesses against water and meat, etc.

Fighting style: Saik prefers a close range fight- she is stronger when she can get within short reach of her opponent and use her claw weapon. She hates guns particularly because of the fact that she can’t fire them, and becomes quickly angered when someone begins firing at her. Other than this, Saik generally ignores rules concerning honour- her only objective is survival and victory, so while she may take risks, she would prefer not to die. Saik can endure a lot of pain, so she tends to fight on even if she is injured. She will use the environment to her advantage if she can, and she is moderately cunning, so is good at formulating battle plans. She rarely fights without the assistance of her PAK-weaponry though.

TL;DR: Saik is completely insane and switches between emotion. She’s ugly, weak and short, but fucking scary in a rage. Never mention the military around her, EVER.


Saik C me C:
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happychild Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
This is probably the coolest, if not the best, IZ OC design I've seen.
Nice work.
InvaderSaik Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010
WEll thank you! But there have been many made before and since this, I'm sure this cybermess isn't the best out there |D
Thank you, though C:
SkullCollectorCubone Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol sounds alot like my irken Lem. he also lost his right eye, arm leg and part of his hip in a lazer fire(his own damn lazer too) now he is half metal xD

they might get along for knowing what it's like being... metal but im very sure Saik would scare the crap out of him. she sounds pretty crazy. i like it B]
InvaderSaik Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010
Oops XD Slightly less fortunate than Saik then XD

I think Saik's alot more of a solitary person. She has a hard time trusting other people. Plus, of course, the insanity issues XD
SkullCollectorCubone Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lem is a nice guy, normally keeps to himself but when he gets ticked he can be pretty scary and demented. Not many people he can talk/relate to.
Right after he got blasted he stopped making weapons(fears he will get blasted again) and now he is just creating things and has a small obsetion with cloning creatures.
SalmaRU Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
wow ^^ you made this refs very cool ^^
InvaderSaik Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010
Thankyou very much C:
SalmaRU Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
you are welcome =)
Herrekar Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
AWESOME! Glad you decided to use this ref style for all your OCs ^ ^
InvaderSaik Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
C: Thanks! It's something that really fits with all my characters and such, so I'm doing it this way C:
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